5 Spooktacular Ways to Decorate for Halloween

Posted by Karin on October 16, 2019
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5 Spooktacular Ways To Decorate For Halloween

Roger has a true love for Halloween! Even when we were dating, he was fully committed to the idea of a fun, festive, and often, an over the top kind of celebration! Like that one time we glued one trillion cotton balls to a sweatsuit so that he could be the sheep to my Bo Beep (scroll down). As our family has grown, we have loved the opportunity to include the kids in on the fun, and create our “spooky” traditions. We recently found out that our house has been dubbed, “The Skeleton House” and we are 1000% here for it!

5 Cute Ways to Decorate This Halloween

1 – Spider Webbing and Glittery spiders

This webbing is inexpensive, a little goes a long way, and you can class it up a little with some sparkly cute spiders (I found mine at Home Goods, but have linked other cute ones)! When you’re arranging it, ensure that you are separating and pulling the webbing, so that it ends up looking less like yarn, and more like a web!

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2. “Spooky Branches

These are so easy and extremely inexpensive. We just nabbed a couple of old tree branches on our nature walk, and stuck on some crows. This looks absolutely fantastic at night, as the spotlights create wonderfully spooky shadows. We used zip ties, crisscrossing from the crow legs to the branches, cutting off the extra- so far it’s held up to some pretty intense wind and the rain.

We secured the branches themselves with a stake, and then zip tied the branch to the stake (see first photo on the left). And if you’re like me, and terrified of birds, this just a simple way to give a good scare!

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3. Bats

I’m sure you’ve seen these all over the place, and rightfully so, there’s super cute and super easy! I purchased these and also, tape, as the adhesive they came with wasn’t the best.

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4. Pumpkins, Mums and Gourds, Oh my!

Bring on all the basic fall goodies! Fresh mums, colorful pumpkins and a simple mat makes your front porch not only inviting, but very festive!

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5. Skeleton Scene

We have decided to stick with skeletons we lovingly call the, Three Amigos. We plan to create some kind of scene or vignette each year. This was last year’s, and it was a total hit. BUT, we knew that we needed to step it up a notch this year! That little “hotdog” dog was my favorite part!

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This year we opted to use a bit more of our front lawn and expand this scene! I purchased both the wagon and the tricycle on my local FB mom’s group. Great prices, especially for items that would be out in the elements for a period of time. Hay is from Home Depot, and the both the handkerchiefs and hats are from the Party Store. Oh, and I had to superglue the hats on to the skeletons, as the wind proved to be too much!

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This looks absolutely fantastic at night, and the spotlights cast wonderfully creepy shadows onto the house! It’s been a lot of fun to have people stop to take photos, and give a honk as they’re driving by! We’ve already got some ideas for next year!

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5 Spooktacular Ways To Decorate For Halloween
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