Meal Plan: January 11th

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I usually do my grocery shopping on Sunday, so everything is stocked for the week. One of my staples is a plain rotisserie chicken. The options for it are endless, and they are perfect for quick, on the go lunches, or easy dinners when you don't feel much like cooking.

Pro Tip: Shred, chop or dice just after purchasing, when it is still warm, it is a lot easier this way.

This week’s adventure food: Baby Bok Choy 


Photo by: Mary's Whole Life

Dinner: Whole30 Fish and Chips by Mary’s Whole Life  We have made this a few times, and it has never disappointed! I will also serve an Easy Peasy House Salad 


Photo by: Nom Nom Paleo

Dinner:  Cantonese Crispy Chicken Thighs by Nom Nom Paleo  this recipe is a play off of her Cracklin' Chicken, which is also delicious! I will serve with Sautéed Baby Bok Choy and brown basmati and cauliflower rice


Photo by: Eat the Gains

Dinner: Easy Shrimp Fajitas by Eat the Gains served with almond flour tortillas, avocado, lime and compliant salsa


Photo: The Defined Dish

Dinner: Sloppy Janes by The Defined Dish This meal is made pretty much weekly! It is a constant request for the boys- even the toddler, so how could I resist? I will serve with steamed broccoli, and a baked sweet potato for myself and brioche buns for all the boys

Take-Out Friday

Photo by: Paleo Running Momma

Dinner: Paleo Chinese Orange Chicken (Whole30) by Paleo Running Momma served with brown basmati and cauliflower rice and steamed broccoli

As always, I will be cooking through some of the menu in my Instagram stories, and would love have you follow along. Be sure to tag me when you make a dish, I would love to see, and cheer you on!


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