Photo: The Defined Dish
Photo: The Defined Dish

Meal Plan: September 23rd

September 22, 2019 |

Monday: One of our most frequent requests, The Defined Dish Sloppy Janes I will serve this with steamed broccoli, and on Hawaiian mini rolls. I will opt for a baked sweet potato for myself, as I am on a current round of Whole30.

Tuesday: Lemon Orzo Soup by Pinch of Yum. I will serve with salad and crackers, and prepare and add the pasta separately, so that I can keep it compliant. Also, I will be sure to use compliant ingredients.

Wednesday: Baked cod served with rice (cauliflower rice for me), and steamed broccoli. I plan to prepare the cod similarly to how I prepare my salmon.

Thursday: The boys have swim lessons smack in middle of dinner time, so we usually keep Thursday open to something fast. Such as Subway, Chipotle (which has a Whole30 compliant bowl salad bowl), Panera or Chick-fil-A.

Friday: Our “take out” this week is Chinese Chicken and Broccoli by The Defined Dish.

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September 23, 2019 meal plan chart
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Chinese chicken and broccoli
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