10 Easy Whole30 Lunch Or Emergency Meals

Posted by Karin on January 8, 2020
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10 Easy Whole30 Lunch Or Emergency Meals

When you are knee deep in a round of Whole30, so much brain space is taken up with menu planning, meal prepping and dish washing, it is nice to know there are a few meals that can come together in no time. These meals are *almost* no cook, and perfect for either lunch or an easy dinner option.

Remember, it does not need to be Pinterest perfect, it needs to be compliant, and enough to make you feel satisfied. The more regularly you eat clean, the easier it becomes to whip something up with just a few ingredients.

It is important to note, however, cooking double batches of protein and/or vegetables when you do cook, is the easiest way for your future meals to be in the “throw it together and reheat” kind of category. Be sure to leave off seasonings on those second portions, in favor of seasoning later, just in case you want the flavoring to be different.

10 Easy Whole30 Lunch Or Emergency Meals radishes
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10 Easy Whole30 Lunch Or Emergency Meals avocado and veggies
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10 Easy Whole30 Lunch Or Emergency Meals Chipotle
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10 Easy Whole30 Lunch Or Emergency Meals wrap and grapes
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10 Easy Whole30 Lunch Or Emergency Meals tuna salad
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10 Easy Whole30 Lunch Or Emergency Meals deli meat
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10 Easy Whole30 Lunch Or Emergency Meals
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Here are some of my favorite:

  1. Whole30 Approved Great Value Whole30 Bowls (frozen) bowls at Walmart. Full disclosure, I have not tried these yet, but plan to this month. The idea of having something already prepared hanging out in the freezer sounds perfect (and like it takes zero effort on my part, LOL).
  2. Frozen broccoli (this is the best frozen broccoli around and I get it from Costco- it comes in four prepackaged and steamable bags), an Applegate hotdog with a microwaved sweet potato “bun” (scrub, pierce and wrap sweet potato in a paper towel, and microwave for about 5-6 minutes, or until tender to the touch). You can even top with compliant relish, mustard and ketchup. Not too shabby!
  3. The Best Whole30 Tuna Salad I just serve this over mixed greens and call it a day! If you are packing for lunch, pack the greens and tuna separately, or the greens will get soggy.
  4. Prepared compliant Applegate Grilled Chicken with frozen Costco broccoli and Tessemae’s ranch If you’re on the go, put the dressing in a small travel container.
  5. This idea goes back to number one, frozen meals on hand. I will often get an order of Kitchfix to keep in the freezer (be sure to check labels, as some meals may not freeze well). These are also fantastic for lunches. I ordered these weekly during my postpartum, and they were a life saver. TRULY DELICIOUS and satisfying, and better yet, they deliver! Kitchfix is local to Chicago, but a I know there are other approved meal delivery services available. Use this link for $20 off your first order! If you are not local to Chicago, scroll down on THIS PAGE and find an approved meal delivery service near you.
  6. Compliant rotisserie chicken (I get the plain one from Whole Foods, but have heard about Walmart and local grocery stories carrying them). As always, CHECK THEM LABELS), frozen sweet potatoes (I know for sure that Aldi and Whole Foods carries compliant brands, but check labels), frozen Costco broccoli and Teseemae’s ranch dressing. To effectively roast frozen veggies, toss them in olive oil, sprinkle with salt and pepper to taste, and place in preheated 450 F degree oven ( be sure they are not too crowded on the baking sheet) for about 10-18 minutes (keep checking for fork tenderness and crispy edges ever 3-4 minuets).
  7. Salmon Cakes. Salmon cakes are one of my go-to lunches or dinner ideas. The recipe I use is in the original Whole30 book but this recipe is similar, and relies on things you can easily keep in the pantry, so I always try to keep these items on hand. They make quite a few, so these would be great for meal prepping. You can serve with a frozen veggie of choice and some homemade Whole30 tarter sauce, or I have used Tessemae’s ranch, as well.
  8. Bento box or antipasto salad type deal. In my house, we call this an adventure snack, because it is something you can easily take on an adventure with you, no muss or fuss! AND this is as no cook as it gets. You can fill with any of the following: I love using Applegate oven roasted turkey breast (they also have other compliant lunchmeat options, but get mine from the Whole Foods deli. You can also get prepackaged- just check your labels- Target and most grocery stories carry them). Compliant olives, carrots, cucumber slices, almonds, big scoop of guacamole (check your labels, but more grocery stores have compliant prepackaged ones), hard boiled eggs, pickles, apple slices with almond butter, prosciutto (super easy to find, as most are just pork and salt), grapes. I think you get the idea, make yourself an adult adventure snack or mini charcuterie lunch.
  9. Sausage, shredded Brussels sprout avocado or pickled onion bowl. This is incredibly easy, and takes about 5-7 minutes. Find a Whole30 approved precooked sausage, I like either Bilinski’s Milk Italian sausage or see here for more compliant sausage recommendations. All you have to do is sauté a BIG handful of shredded Brussels sprouts and sliced sausage in a skilled over medium heat with 1 tablespoon of fat (I prefer ghee), until sausage is warmed through and sprouts are slightly crisped up. You can always cook them separately, for aesthetic purposes, LOL, and top with a sliced avocado and/or pickled onions, or even a compliant dressing of choice. Pickled onion recipe I use.
  10. Smoked salmon salad. The salmon is already soft, so you want to be sure to add an element of crunch- so think cucumbers, red peppers, pickled onions, radishes, fresh mixed greens or capers, and a squeeze of lemon and ta-da, meal done!

I hope this gave a you a few ideas on how to coast through food boredom, or moments when cooking just seems a little too daunting. Eating healthy does not need to taxing, and most definitely should still be delicious.

If you end up making any of these, be sure to tag me on Instagram, I would love to see!


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10 Easy Whole30 Lunch Or Emergency Meals
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