Let your child’s teachers know they’re appreciated, with these 20 Unique Teacher Gifts they’ll actually want to receive. Pick your favorite or choose a few for a holiday present or back-to-school thank you gift!

People to Be Thankful For

Of course, we’re all thankful for healthcare workers, firefighters, policemen and women, and other commonly acknowledged heroes. However, when you imagine someone who’s really made a difference in your life, I’ll bet they were a teacher. For example, I still remember my psychology professor from undergrad! Not only was she a wonderful teacher, but she also really took the time to help me through a challenging time. As a result, I was provided with a safe space to learn and grow. Ahhhh … she was pretty amazing! 

Teachers are pretty special, indeed! They are most definitely worth acknowledging and celebrating. While your child’s school may have an Appreciation week or day, it’s also common to gift teachers a little something for holidays or the start of school. However, finding the right gift can be a challenge! In my experience, giving something unique, adorable, practical, or fun is a fantastic way to ensure it’s a good gift! The following are items my family has personally gifted, and have been a huge success with multiple teachers throughout the years. Take a look to find one that would be a good fit for the teachers in your life!  


agate bookends

Agate stone bookends are just lovely! Not only do they look pretty, but they’re the perfect gift for either a classroom or home. Plus, they come in three color options to choose from!

Cable Wrangler

cable wrangler pad

This is GENIUS! Cable Wranglers are magnetic pads that hold charging cords in place, preventing them from falling on the floor or behind a desk or nightstand. I have one on my desk, and LOVE it! 

Personalized Pencils

personalized hexagon pencils in shades of blue

Keeping track of pencils has never been easier! These personalized hexagon pencils come in shades of blue and are really cute.

Bombas Socks

a pair of Bombas socks

Bombas are just about the best socks around! They are soft, comfortable, supportive, and even donate one pair of socks for every pair purchased to the homeless community. They’re a great option for a gift someone might not buy for themselves, making them just a little extra special. Plus, you could easily combine them with a few other items for a lovely gift basket!

Apple Badge Brooch

I'm a teacher what's your super power apple brooches

How cute are these?! Reading, “I am a Teacher What’s Your Super Power,” these pins or brooches can be added to totes, shirts, sweaters, or even a corkboard. 

Personalized Stationery

personalized stationary with a stack of books and a plant in the corner

With the frequency of notes our teachers write, why not make them a little more fun?! This quality stationery is the perfect addition to any teacher’s desk. 

Pencil Bath Bombs  

pencil shaped bath bombs

These handmade bath bombs are completely adorable. While the perfect little gift on their own, they would also make a great addition to a sweet gift basket.


brainteaser puzzles

Great for cerebral stimulation- these engaging brainteaser puzzles are a great addition to any classroom for any grade. I see these making the most of both teacher and student curiosity!

Game of Phones  

game of phones

Game of Phones is great for teachers’ time off! This hilarious game is meant to be a scavenger hunt of sorts, with everyone using their phone.

History by Mail Subscription  

history by mail subscription letters

Now, this is SO COOL! It’s a monthly mail subscription that that sends detailed replicas of historical documents such as Albert Einstein’s correspondence with FDR or Rosa Park’s police report. Each document contains context and cultural significance and is a fun addition to classrooms, too!

Motivation Stamps

a set of motivational stamps

These colorful self-inking stamps keep grading a little more interesting!

Cultivate Kindness Tote  

a white tote that reads "cultivate kindness"

Gahhhh! I just love this tote! Teachers are always in need of easy ways to transport all their necessary items. So, why not spread the message of kindness in the process? The FEED Project, the manufacturers of this tote, also donates 10 meals to children in need with every purchase!

Personalized Key Chain

personalized keychain

Such a simple and cute design accessory, a personalized keychain is perfect for all those teacher keys! 

Amazon Gift Card Holder

an Amazon gift card holder

When in doubt, give a gift card, but make it cute!

Personalized Tote

A white tote with a rainbow design personalized with a name

This adorable personalized tote can be used time and time again!

Personalized Winnie the Pooh Quote  

a framed Winnie the Pooh quote and picture

This quote paired with a sweet illustration is a special way to thank a teacher who really makes a difference. 

Personalized Desktop Apple

a wooden apple that says Mrs. Peterson

This lovely desktop apple is a great addition to any teacher’s desk! I love this, because it’s something that will last throughout their teaching career. 

Personalized Water Tumbler  

tumblers personalized with a name and a picture of an apple

Make hydration cute with a personalized tumbler, ha! After all, who doesn’t need a better way to get in H20?!

Personalized Stamp

personalized face stamps

These personalized stamps are hands down one of my favorite teacher gifts. Our teacher’s reactions were priceless! I was able to source some of the photos through the yearbook and also directly asked the teachers, ensuring they knew it was for a fun surprise.

Personalized Stamp  

Personalized name stamps

These personalized name stamps are great for reading teachers or those who regularly loan out their books.

So, there you have it, my complete list of 20 great teacher gifts! They’ve all been tried, tested, and given the seal of approval from real life teachers. I hope you find this post helpful, and don’t forget to let your teachers know how much they’re appreciated! If you have any great gift ideas, I’d love it if you shared them down in the comments below!

In the meatine, enjoy!