I cannot stress this enough: read the book(s)! My very first Whole30 I basically tried to “wing it” by putting together bits and pieces of what I found online. This ended up with too much snacking, technically not compliant foods, and an unfinished 30 days. If you are serious, please read (at the very least), the OG Whole30 book. However, it is in your best interest to read ALL THE BOOKS!!

Is Snacking Even Allowed On The Whole30 Program?

Official program rules (per Melissa Hartwig) suggests the following:

  • It is recommended that you do not snack between meals, so you give your body and hormones time to refuel and energize your body. The idea is that if you are constantly snacking, you never really give your body a chance to burn what is stored.
  • Not snacking is a recommendation, not a rule. If you need to eat, please do! You should never be starving. Children, women pregnant or nursing are exempt from this recommendation.
  • Melissa’s trick to understanding whether you are truly hungry or just having a craving – ask yourself if you would eat steamed fish and broccoli. If yes, then you are actually hungry. If not, it might just be a craving. This has been one of the biggest strides in my relationship with food, learning to decipher whether I am actually hungry, or just emotionally eating.
  • She also recommends that you think of your snack as a mini meal, and include two of the three macronutrients (protein, fat, carbohydrate). You will notice that I have done this for the snacks below.
  • Please check out more details here

Also, be sure that you are always checking your labels!

26 Whole30 Snacks
  1. Prosciutto and mango (I like Applegate brand prosciutto)
  2. Prosciutto, oranges and cashews
  3. Mortadella, hot cherry peppers and mixed greens
  4. Pineapple chunks with sliced chorizo (I like Wellshire farm brand) – just slice and heat in a non stick pan until edges are crispy
  5. Apple slices with almond butter (I use the 365 Whole Foods brand)
  6. Ants on a log (celery, almond butter and raisins)
  7. On-the-go snacks: The New Primal Beef Jersey, The New Primal Meat Stick, Seasnax, Rx Bars, Apple sauce pouch (Kirkland)
  8. Avocado and mandarin oranges
  9. Dragon fruit and cashews
  10. Carrots, celery and guacamole
  11. LEFTOVERS!!!! Do not underestimate the power of a few bites of a leftovers!
  12. Hardboiled egg slices over tomatoes slices with a smear of mayo (I like the Primal Kitchen brand)
  13. Mixed nuts and apple slices
  14. BLCT (bacon, lettuce, cucumber and tomato) – this is also great for lunches!
  15. Club bites (turkey, lettuce, tomato and mayo) – I like the Applegate turkey from the deli
  16. Bacon and mashed avocado
  17. Thick cucumber slices with a spoonful of tuna or chicken salad
  18. Thick cucumber slices with smoked salmon
  19. Chicken with ranch dressing (I like the Teseemae’s brand)
  20. Turkey, lettuce and mustard and mayo wraps
  21. Avocado, turkey and hot cherry pepper rolls ups ( I like the Jeff’s Natural’s brand)
  22. Red pepper, broccoli and ranch dressing for dipping
  23. Prosciutto wrapped cantaloupe
  24. Olives and turkey slices
  25. Turkey pickle wraps
  26. Diced avocado, tomato, cucumber drizzled with olive oil and pinch of salt and pepper
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