Can You Keep a Secret? 

I think it’s safe to say, most parents view vacationing with children as a bit stressful, and often you’re just parenting in a prettier location! While this may be true, I have found that Disney really makes it easy to enjoy the whole experience. With a little practice under our belts, we’ve discovered a few traveling hacks to make our trips even easier, and of course, we always come prepared with healthy snacks

The truth is, up until 3 years ago, I had never been to Disney and didn’t have big dreams of going. Frankly, I imagined it would be a singular trip made when all of my kids could remember it, and then we’d be done. Funny how things don’t always go according to plan, isn’t it? Now, not only have we been to Disney multiple times, we are heading on our fourth adventure to the park in just a few weeks. The kids have no idea, and I can’t wait!

kids jumping off a rail at Disney world with the castle in the background

Our summers are usually full of summer camps, sports, and a full workload for both Roger and me. Knowing that, we talked about planning a family trip in the early fall. We tossed around ideas like a dude ranch in Wyoming (which sounds like it would be great in warmer months), a beach vacation, or a trip to Park City, Utah (where my brother lives) to hike, fish, and enjoy the great outdoors. Unfortunately, the trip to Utah is a longer flight, and we wouldn’t be able to make the most out of our extended weekend trip. When we realized we were stuck, we both smiled and said, Disney? No way, we just went! Are we turning into Disney adults? Are we crazy? But omg, the kids would freak out! Gah, let’s do it! So, the decision was made, and back to Disney, we go! 

Thanks to our amazing travel agent, Michelle, that is as she was able to get us booked on fairly short notice! Please note, if you have never been to Disney, or even if you have been multiple times, a professional is THE BEST way to make the most out of your trip. The best part? Her services are FREE! We’ve used her for each of our adventures, and she always makes the experience a breeze. No more booking nightmares around here!  Oh, did I mention that my brother and his family are coming, too? His girls haven’t been yet. So, I am so excited to experience it with them, too. (Please see below for Michelle’s information if you’re interested in booking your own trip.)

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two boys and their dad sat on a bench at Disney World with their dad stealing popcorn out of their bucket.

 5 Reasons Parents Love Disney

Everything Is Kid-Friendly

1. There is nothing better than being in a place specifically designed for children and families. From the food, to the activities to play while waiting in line, to the cast members’ (what they call Disney staff) friendly faces and eagerness to make dining experiences as comfortable for squirmy kids as possible, to convenient restrooms and baby centers located all around the park, to the kid-friendly menu items, and themed resorts and hotel rooms, it’s all made to be especially convenient for families. This has become even more true during the pandemic. To their credit, Disney has worked very hard to keep the experience magical while also keeping people as safe as possible.

The Planning Is Done For You 

2.  Much of the planning is done prior to your trip, which makes it so much easier to just enjoy the experience. Things like what day you’ll be at which park, dining reservations, photo opportunities you’d like to grab, which rides are a must, or organizing your route based on which food items are crucial to your experience are all taken care of before you arrive. Of course, because Disney is awesome, you can always adjust your schedule for things like a longer nap time, more pool time, or room service in favor of a restaurant experience, too. 

a little boy at a dinner table putting a straw in a water cup

Endless Activities For Everyone 

3. There are so many options and activities for all interests and ages. Even with the age gaps between our boys (and my husband, haha), we all have things we enjoy doing. Giving everyone a special experience based on their interest is so fun. For example, while we were there this past May, we scheduled a lunch at the Be Our Guest experience for my mom, who loves Beauty and the Beast, a lightsaber build for our oldest Star Wars Fan, and the Winnie the Pooh ride for our youngest who had been obsessed with the adorable honey addict for the previous few months. Whether you’re in need of fun food for the foodies, plenty of photo opportunities for the photographers, rides for every age, people watching, golf, spa days to take it slow, Disney has something for everyone!

The Kids Are Always Excited

4. Watching your children’s excitement never gets old! We have always chosen to wake the boys up early, and surprise them by explaining that we have to hurry up and get to the airport. When they realize what is going on, the energy and excitement are palpable! The Disney details make everything seem just so magical. I often rolled my eyes when people would talk about a “Disney experience” but truly, that’s what it is, an experience. When we were there a few times ago, the boys said the rain would stop after just a few minutes, because Disney was pure magic (nothing to do with Florida afternoon rain showers or anything ;)), which it did. They also lost their minds when they found two fruit snacks inside a package made for one (thank you random person at the factory), or when a ride that had been paused started back up, just as we were arriving! I mean, how else could you explain such magic, haha! When the kids see it all as an adventure, it just makes the trip that much more enjoyable. These are the experiences that make those lasting memories that will be talked about days, months, and years later.

a mom and her son smiling at Disney World

It Truly Is A Vacation

5. The best way to unplug. Both Roger and I work very much from our phones, and with all the adventure that happens in the moment, unplugging is nearly effortless. Of course, grabbing the photo opportunity is always encouraged, but it’s nice to just connect with the joy in the present moment. 

To conclude, as with just about anything in life, Disney is what you make it! Taking a trip can be built around any budget, amount of time, audience, age, interest, and energy level. How you want to plan and approach your trip is totally up to you, and every experience is different. The only guarantee is that it will be magical! 

a baby boy being held in front of balloons smiling at Disney

If you have any questions at all feel free to leave them in the comments below, and I’ll be sure to get back to you! However, I’d love to know if you have any go-to vacation spots as well! 

In the meantime, enjoy!