Get a sneak peek of our garage makeover, and find my best tips, tricks, and advice for simple garage storage and organization that takes the stress out of managing all that stuff!

Who knew garage organization was so crucial to our happiness? Garages can often be a landing place for stuff. So. Much. Stuff. From tools to toys and gardening gear to extra-large toddler push cars and beyond, you need to find a way to organize things practically. Enter: Gladiator and all the fantastic accessories that are game changers to keep things tidy and looking like it just jumped out of Pinterest!


All the items in your garage space need to have a home and place they belong. Despite adding another garage stall in the move, we still had a massive pile of stuff sitting in the center of the space. Each time I walked into the house through the garage, it felt overwhelming. You can want an organized space, but if you have nowhere to store those items, you’re out of luck!

All the accessories I share below are easily adjusted and installed onto Gearwall panels or Geartrack panels.

white panels on the wall of a garage


We did have three cabinets that we took with us in the move, and they are great. These heavy-duty cabinets are deep enough for large bins, can be locked, and have four solid shelves to hold just about anything.

cabinets and storage bins in a garage
standing storage bins in a garage


These baskets are a game changer! With all balls and seasonal odds and ends, these are great spots to store a good amount of stuff while keeping things out of sight.

Upper Shelves

Utilizing the wall and ceiling space is a smart way to maximize how much stuff you can store in your garage. We typically use this to store seasonal items that we don’t use as often- especially those more giant toddler toys that can eat up a considerable amount of floor space. 😉

storage bins, a shoe rack, and cabinets inside a garage


Having the storage is one thing, but you might still need a little help organizing. This is the fun part for me- all the odds and ends that make things look and function well. It’s a lot easier to get things back into their spot when they have a place to go!

Paper Towel Shelf

Shoe Rack

I never knew I could love a shoe rack, but alas, here we are! It’s a great way to keep the shoes from collecting in front of the door. We use our garage door as our main entrance and exit from the house. So, this makes the most sense to us. When I shared this vis Instagram stories, there was much concern about spiders and mice ending up in our shoes! We’ve never had an issue! We only keep our everyday shoes and don’t regularly store food near the racks. As for the spiders, they’ve never made an appearance. 😉 I love not tracking in muddy or snowy shoes/boots into the house.

shoe rack on metal panels in a garage
wire baskets on metal panels in a garage


These are simple and practical ways to organize and arrange your items as needed. They can easily be moved and adjusted on the panels so you can adapt your organization as needed. One of my largest goals to maximize organization is getting everything off the floor- these hooks help with that! The varying sizes are great for everything from umbrellas to hoses and extension cords. You can easily customize the design based on your needs.

Small Bins

These are fantastic for those smaller items. We’ve used this for most of Roger’s tools, nails, and smaller hooks. These can be easily assembled on the panels to form a tool bench of sorts.

tools hanging on the wall of a garage


These are equal installments to the Gear wall panels and are great for larger hooks or when you don’t need a whole wall of boards.

a rack inside a garage


Racedeck Flooring

This flooring completely shifted the function and cleanliness of our garage. We have an older home, and much of the concrete had begun spalling or breaking down, causing chips and cracks. All this wear and tear made running in and out of the garage a quick way to track dust and dirt. Having had the same flooring at our old home, I knew it was a must for this space.

This flooring is modular, has an easy-to-clean surface, is anti-slip, and is made for any weather; you can park on it, air and moisture can escape because it’s raised, and it can be designed however you like- we chose alloy with a black border. Also, we considered doing an epoxy floor but decided against it based on how slippery it can get; it wouldn’t have helped with the deeper cracks and how easily it chips.

garage flooring

Organizing our garage space was a crucial first project at our new home. It has created an area where we can easily access what we need while keeping things tidy. We used Garage Works to help us measure, purchase and install all these products. While you can do this work yourself, I would highly recommend Mark. With an excellent eye for organization, function, and detail, we found his work an excellent investment in our new home. If you are local to either Chicagoland or Michigan, I highly recommend you contact him.

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