I remember it so clearly; the delivery truck pulling into the driveway, and unloading all the magic of a coin free washer and dryer! Haha! Despite owning our condo in the city, we still had to pay for each load, and with two kids (at the time), there were never enough quarters. OMG, the freaking quarters.

So, when we schlepped ourselves to the burbs, one of our very first appliance purchases, was a washer and dryer. We did have a hiccough with installation, and a repair person came out a few days later. And just because I can be a bit extra, I picked his brain about the best way to care for the machines based on frequent repair request. See, I told ya, extra.

Based on his feedback, some research and my own care, these are a few things you can do to care for and increase the lifespan of your machines.

How to Care for your Front Loading Washing Machine

1 – Leave the door open

One of the biggest complaints for those with front loading washing machines is the moldy smell. Leaving the door open after each use (even just slightly), helps it dry out thoroughly in-between washes.

2 – Leave the detergent drawer open

Mold also has a nasty habit of building up in the detergent drawer, so same rule as above applies, leave it slightly open to dry out.

3 – Wash your machine monthly

Washing your washing machine sounds like you might just be a little obsessive, but you just kinda gotta. There is so much build up that happens from detergents and remnants from dirt and clothing. I use these tabs and use the ‘clean washer’ cycle on my machine. If you don’t have that option, running as a regular load is just fine.

4 – Wipe down the door and rubber ring

I have a microfiber cloth that I use to wipe down the door and rubber ring after each use. It sounds like a lot of extra work, but honestly, the thought of moldy towels make those ten seconds fly *wipes single sweat bead

5 – Lessen the size of your loads

I know, the idea of more laundry sounds like the absolute worst. But hear me out, when you jam a bunch of clothing into a single load a few things happen:

  • The detergent and water cannot evenly “scrub” or agitate the clothes to get them thoroughly clean
  • It takes a toll on your machine – the more it is weighted, the harder it is on the motor

Based on some online research, as well as my own experience, it’s best to load no more than halfway.

6 – Address issues as they arise

Waiting to repair a smaller problem means it has an opportunity to get worse. Try to google the “symptoms” first before calling a repair person. It may be something simple, and it’s not worth spending money on a repair call if you don’t have to. Oh, and if you’re on one of those local Facebook mom or town groups, ask if someone else has had a similar problem. It could be an easy fix!

How to Care for your Dryer

  1. Empty lint filter trap after each load

    This one is pretty basic, but it’s good to get in the habit of doing this after every load. Not only does it ensure that your clothes are getting dried in the most efficient way, you don’t have to worry about lint ending up on your newly washed and dried clothes.

  2. Clean your dryer vents

    After our remodel, we had a heating and cooling company come to clean our vents (dust from remodels in no joke). They also cleaned out the dryer vent with a special vacuum. He explain that it’s best to have this done once a year. It helps with drying efficiency, as well as prevent a dryer firer. If you have easy access to your vent, this is something you could do pretty easily with a shopvac. Speaking of which, I really want one of those *opens new browser to search for reviews on shop vacs

Oh, and of course, wipe down the outside of your machine with all purpose cleaner. 🙂 Be sure to give me a follow on Instagram, for more daily household tips!