Sign up as a member for 24% off retail prices. Think of this similar to a Costco membership! This does NOT mean you will ever have to sell or promote anything, it just means you get the starter kit, and will get 24% off retail prices! No monthly fees or commitments! This is what I have, and it’s the best, more affordable way to get all the essential oil goodies!

Starter Kit Options


If you’ve been around for a while, you know I share a weekly produce washing session on my Instagram Stories This is the amazing Fruit and Veggie Soak that I use. If you sign up for starter kit (any option), I will send you a free Fruit and Veggie Soak from me!

Other Premium Kits

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Essential Rewards

Essential Rewards is an optional members reward program

This is a FREE loyalty program. You can start when you join, of any time after that.

  • 100% free
  • Customizable (change your products and shipping date each month)
  • Points back on all your purchases to use like cash! 10% for the first three months, 20% back after three consecutive months, and 25% back after 24 months
  • FREE loyalty gifts at 3, 6, 9 and 12 months
  • Discounted shipping
  • FREE promo oils and products with qualifying orders
  • Cancel any time


  1. Log into your account
  2. Select ‘ER Monthly Order”
  3. This is where you can change your order, shipping address, payment method, and processing date. You can also select “Manually Process”
  4. At the start of each month, do an inventory of what product you’re out of, and want to add to your order – I have been adding things like Thieves Household Cleaner, Gentle Baby, Lushious Lemon Handsoap, and laundry detergent. These are items that I no longer purchase on my Target runs!
  5. Select ‘Change Order’
  6. Use the search bar to find and add items to the order
  7. Note, to gain benefits of the Essential Reward Program, your order must total 50 PV or more
  8. Once you’ve finished added the items you’d like, choose “manually process today” and this will be your ER order for the month
  9. You do this each month. If you do nothing, whatever is in your essential rewards cart will automatically ship to you on the next processing date


What do we use oils for? Oils can be used for all the things! I use them daily to support our immune system, clean our home, support our sleep, diffuse and calm, and even to help with some of the bumps and bruises that come with 3 rambunctious boys. As I am continually learning, there is an oil for just about everything! I also think it’s important to note, I do NOT think oils are a cure all for everything, and still very much believe in western medicine. I believe that BOTH have their benefits and time and place.

Why Young Living?

YL has a Seed to Seal process, which means it guarantees its purity and potency in each oil. You can even visit the farm! We did a few years ago (pre Soren), and it was BEAUTIFUL!

What is a member?

Becoming a member simply means you purchased a starter kit, and will get one year of wholesale pricing (24% off retail). Remember, NO fees, requirements, commitments or reoccurring charges. To keep your continued membership, you just need to order 50pv per years! This is what I have been doing since 2015! You also get access to private FB groups, recipes and a huge community of people ready to show you just how amazing oils really are!

How do we use oils? Oils can be used in diffusers (you get a diffuser with your starter kit), topically (some oils require a carrier oil), creams, sprays, household cleaning, and rollerball bottles. The main way I use oils is with my diffusers. I find that it freshens the air, brightens my mood, and leaves me (and my family) feeling calmer. I have also started to explore morning and evening blends, as well as for the baby’s room during his naps. In addition, I use to clean my home, and wash my produce.

How will I learn how to use my kit? You will receive information with your starter kit, as well as exclusive Facebook groups, full of amazing resources on how to use each of the oils in your kit. You can also reach out directly to my friend, Ashley, for a more detailed walk through of each of your oils! There are so many resources  

You’ll get plenty of reading material with your kit, but as mentioned above, you’ll get access to our exclusive Facebook community full of amazing resources like how to use each oil in your kit, which oils to avoid around kids or while pregnant/nursing, and all of the dilution ratios for individual oils. We have classes, books, live Facebook hangouts & search functionality that will help you navigate through any questions you might have.

What should I get? A premium starter kit, which comes with 12 of the most commonly used oils + your diffuser (I recommend the Desert Mist), is the best value & provides you with everything you need to get started. You’ll get over $400 worth of product for only $165.

Do you have to order more oils monthly or sell them? Nope! Your kit can be a one time purchase, but along with it comes a wholesale membership, which just means that should you decide to purchase oils in the future, you would get a 24% discount! You will also get a personal referral link should you ever decide that you want to share them, but neither is required.

Can I start with buying one of the starter kits and buy a different starter kit once I’m a member?


If you still have questions or just want to chat more about oils send me an email: Karin@Joyinthemeantime.com