Linen Closet Organization

Posted by Karin on March 2, 2022
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While the closet wasn’t the absolute worst, it wasn’t organized in a way that made it easy to find the right sheets at a given time (especially those freaking fitted sheets), ha! I took the time to categorized and organize items into labeled bins, as well as keep sheets stored based on size with shelf dividers. Doesn’t it look so pretty (insert crying emoji, haha)?!

No matter the space I’m organizing, I follow a few different steps:

  • Remove EVERYTHING from the space
  • Categorize items
    1. Stay
    2. Donate
    3. Toss
    4. Relocate (items that you want to keep but belong in a different space)
  • Wipe down the space
  • Arrange back in to the space based on categories, or ease of use
  • Purchase storage bins, baskets, labels, etc. after you know what you need
  • Save

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