If you tuned in on last Sunday’s Instagram live, you know that my amazing stylist, Kate and I shared how to give yourself an amazing, salon worthy blowout at home. My roots are coming in strong, and grays are making themselves more known by the day, but at least, I now know how to give myself a killer blow dry!

Kate’s tips:

  1. Always make sure to use a leave in moisturizing product, creams for thick course hair and sprays for thin or fine hair *only use from mid shaft (middle) to ends of hair
  2. Use volumizing product at base or roots hair never the ends
  3. ALWAYS use a heat protectant before styling with ANY heat 
    *professional salon products are a must and never buy from amazon or retailers like target or Walgreens* buying from your stylist helps them a lot- It can help them with getting more education or commissions, too
  4. Leave in conditioners are key to replacing moisture in the hair, saving the hair from breaking and helping it stay intact
  5. Always use professional root touch up colors. I never advise doing color at home as your stylist knows best. However, in a time like this there are sites that sell professional touch up kits (hairline and part only) DpHue is a great one. There are many root touch up color sprays too. I highly recommend the sprays vs at home coloring
  6. Every hair type requires something different. Our hair all has different needs, so it important to consult with a professional to find out what products and amount of heat styling would be best for your hair situation

Pièce de résistance: The Revlon One Step hair dryer

I saw this brush floating around Instagram, and heard bloggers touting it’s powers, but because I have a lot of very thick and wavy hair, I brushed it off … get it? Get it? LOL But truly, I didn’t think it would work, and I didn’t want to waste my money. However, in speaking with my stylist, Kate, she raved about it, and knowing my hair, was confident it would work. Well friends, IT’S MIRACULOUS!

How to use the brush:

  1. Make sure to part hair into sections (thicker hair in smaller/thinner sections and fine hair in bigger/thicker sections
  2. Turn on the brush and place under the section at the base of hair (scalp) make a quarter turn creating tension on the brush as you pull the through the hair- continue to bend wrist making quarter turns to keep tension on the hair. Keeping tension is going to help smooth the hair and give it volume
  3. After a few passes, when the hair feels dry (less passes for fine hair), use the brush coming from the top of the sections in the same way, but creating tension down. This will help seal the cuticle layer and tame frizz and baby hairs
  4. Go away from the face in the front to avoid the hair rolling into your face
  5. Use caution when touching the hair after the brush, it will be hot. And ALWAYS CLEAN the brush to avoid burnt hair smell

So much helpful information! Be sure to check Kate out on Instagram, or better yet, book a consult!

Below are the products we discussed on the live. Also, here is the link to the products Kate recommends: R+Co.