100 Days of DOING Better

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For the last few years, I have “done some work,” made donations, read books, and had more honest conversations with my Black friends. But it is clear that I need to DO more. I need to show up, truly, vulnerably, and consistently. Beyond a black square, linking articles, and re-sharing resources, I need to more fully incorporate anti-racist and active bystander actions into my daily life. I need to ensure my children are learning to do the same. I am not sharing this for accolades, or to follow a trend, but for accountability. There is a passion and fervor in our nation right now, and I do not want it to grow cold. I am one voice fumbling through with imperfect words, and actions, but with an open mind and eager heart.

I will be DOING 1 thing every day for 100 days in order to BE BETTER. I will be accessing and absorbing resources from Black experts, authors, artists, creators, and others. If you do not know where to start, ask yourself this, if someone you cared about was deeply hurting, what would you do? For me, the answer is simple, show up. There are no perfect words, there is no magic remedy, but there is one person coming alongside those who are tired, weary, and saying, I AM WITH YOU. I WILL DO MY PART. I will dig deep, embrace my limitations, and get uncomfortable. For me, this space has always been a place I share my heart, passions, and life. I will continue do that, of course, but will also be honoring the pull I feel in my heart to show the hell up for my Black brothers and sisters. I will support Black businesses, share accounts of Black influencers I admire, donate to grassroots organizations, and dive into learning.

Note: There is no magic in 100 days. I simply chose it because it is an amount of time that goes beyond the immediate. I am not an expert, but will be learning from those who are. The end goal is not to be a white savior, but rather someone who is working to be aware, and educated, in order to help end violence against Black people and people of color. I will be sharing this journey, the resources, and information to a saved highlight ‘DOING BETTER’ both on my Instagram page, and here. I am also open to being called in. ❤️

day One

Completed Anti-racism 101 Crash Course by Monique Melton This course is for those who don’t know where to start, *raises hand* and common mistakes to avoid. I learned to very much in such a short time. Opened my eyes to ways that I think I am helping, but am actually hurting my desire to do my part. Highly recommend, and believe this was a good jumping off point!

day tw0

Today the boys and I read, I am Martin Luther King Jr. If you recall in my post, Kids and Race, I reference my love of PBS’s Xaviar Riddle and the Secret Museum. This series of books was what inspired the show. There is a lot of information packed into its 38 pages. It presents things in such a digestible way for children, and really made it relatable to them. Clickable photo