a solemn-looking woman holding a newborn baby in a hospital bed

The Birth of My Third Son: A Story of Intuition, Trauma, and the Pursuit of Accountability

Detailed below is a description of the delivery process and the intense recovery I endured after giving birth to my third son. Please be aware that some of the details might be triggering to some. I share my experience in hopes that it helps hold doctors accountable for their actions and reaffirms that if you are someone who went through something similar, you are not alone.

100 days of doing better: An Intentional Start to anti-racism

will be DOING 1 thing every day for 100 days in order to BE BETTER. I will be accessing and absorbing resources from Black experts, authors, artists, creators, and others. If you do not know where to start, ask yourself this, if someone you cared about was deeply hurting, what would you do? For me, the answer is simple, show up. There are no perfect words, there is no magic remedy, but there is one person coming alongside those who are tired, weary, and saying, I AM WITH YOU. I WILL DO MY PART.


Sharing Sunday #8 Talking With Kids about Race

How we are talking with our kids about race, teaching empathy and fostering anti racists behaviors.

6 Ways To Be A Happier Person

Do any of you have that person in your life that no matter what happens, they’re always waiting for the other shoe to drop? That even if they won the lottery, would complain about how much would go to taxes?! Do you consider yourself a happy person? Would the people around you agree?