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Understanding Childhood Sleep Apnea and Surviving a Tonsillectomy and Adenoidectomy

If your child is experiencing loud snoring, difficulty waking up from naps, restlessness, and more, you may want to look into sleep apnea symptoms. In this post, I outline my experience with diagnosing and treating both sleep apnea and surviving both a Tonsillectomy and an Adenoidectomy with my son to help with any concerns you may have.


Oil Cleansing Method with crude

Oil cleansing dramatically changed my skin. Using natural oils to cleanse and moisturize, helped me balance my skins natural oils, and I was able to say so long to cystic acne

Sharing Sunday: Instagram etiquette

Join me in bringing respect back to Instagram and social media with these 10 tips for etiquette.


Sitka Salmon Shares

Find out how you can bring fresh, healthy, and delicious seafood to your family’s dinner table all year long!


25 father’s day gift ideas

25 unique and practical Father’s Day gift ideas.

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Sharing Sunday #9 Summer Plans

This summer may look a little different than those previous, but we are determined to find joy and memories. This post contains our summer bucket list, favorite summer toys, and reading list.


Sharing Sunday #8 Talking With Kids about Race

How we are talking with our kids about race, teaching empathy and fostering anti racists behaviors.

Paleo Ricotta And Tomato Baked Eggs
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Paleo Ricotta and tomato Baked Eggs

This extremely easy to prepare dish is packed with creamy flavor, and richness. Perfect for weekend brunches, or a brinner type situation. Pairs well with fresh fruit, and a mixed green salad drizzled with olive oil, course sea salt, and a squeeze of lemon- it cuts through the acid perfectly.

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Sharing Sunday #7: Quarantining with Kids: Resources and Tips

There is no handbook for surviving a pandemic with children. I think it’s safe to say we’re all just doing our best. We have some days we succeed, and other days we’re counting down until bedtime. Aside from giving myself a whole bunch of grace, I have focused on some of the things I can control, and wanted to share them with you.

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Sharing Sunday #5: HousePlant Guide Series: six tips to keeping plants alive

By popular demand, a guide on how how to keep your plants alive! You will find 6 simple tips from watering to drainage, and appropriate light, to help you successfully navigate your journey to plant nerd. Enjoy!