Did you know that eating fish several times a week can lower your risk of cardiac death, lower the risk of stroke, decrease the chance of blood clots, and more? For these reasons, I do my best to incorporate a variety of seafood in my family’s diet. However, living in the Midwest, high-quality fish and seafood is not always easy to find, and it is often extremely expensive when I do happen to come across it in a store. So, when it comes to feeding my family delicious seafood I can trust, I opt for Sitka Salmon Shares!

What Is Sitka Salmon Shares and How Does It Work?

Sitka Salmon Shares is an amazing company that delivers Wild Alaskan Seafood straight to your door – wherever that may be! Even better, the food is sourced and brought to your table through a Community Supported Fishery (CSF). This means that every time you order any type of seafood through Sitka Salmon Shares, you are purchasing shares of the CSF harvest. (How cool is that?!) As a result, unlike the seafood you might buy at a chain grocery store, you can rest assured that your food was ethically caught and the workers are paid fairly.

How Is the Quality of Sitka Seafood?

As previously stated, Sitka Salmon Shares products are sourced from the highest quality sources of Alaskan and North Pacific seafood. The fishermen handle their fish individually and immediately in order to limit any damage to the fish. As a result, extreme freshness can also be maintained.

Furthermore, the fishermen working with Sitka Salmon Shares catch and deliver their fish within three days of your order. This process offers a substantial difference in quality when compared to the 5-day process that has become the industry standard.

Each fish is processed by hand in order to minimize exposure to above-freezing temperatures that may cause the fish to rot. Consequently, the fish are well-monitored up until the point when they are brought to your door. In addition, Sitka Salmon Shares blast freezes their fish in order to quickly lock in the fish’s fresh flavor and texture. These steps, they say, are why their fish never tastes…well, “fishy.”

How Does Sitka Salmon Shares Seafood Delivery Work?

To get any seafood of your choice delivered straight to your door, you can enroll by purchasing a “share” of the harvest for anywhere from 3 to 9-month intervals depending on your preference. No worries, though! You can cancel your share at any time for a full refund. Even better, if you’re trying to budget (something we’re all trying to get better at, right?), you can either pay for your share monthly or purchase it all up-front. Regardless of the payment plan you choose, the fee includes shipping, and as a member of Sitka Salmon Shares, you also have access to incredible benefits such as special sales, recipes, newsletters, and classes – just to name a few. With your purchase, you receive a box of wild Alaskan seafood delivered to your door for the duration of fishing season.

How Do the Sitka Salmon Shares Products Taste?

As mentioned, I strive to get a variety of seafood into my family’s diet. Over the last two years, my efforts have been significant and intentional. There are just so many benefits, especially for growing our brains, which is crucial for my little ones’ development. Now, the more seafood we eat, the more aware I am regarding the flavor and texture. Luckily, with Sitka Salmon Shares’ products, the portions are sizable, never have the unpleasant “fishy” taste, and always contain fresh, delicious flavor.

Why Sitka Salmon Shares is So Convenient:

Like so many of you, my life is busy. Most days, I feel like I’m running in circles, and it can be difficult to get healthy, balanced meals on the table. So, when delicious and quality seafood arrives right at my front door, I feel like I’m some kind of hero! Bonus points, I am able to easily store our deliveries in the freezer. As a result, delicious, fresh seafood is always available, no matter the season! My family’s favorites are the cod and salmon, but all the food is amazing!

Interested in signing up? Use code: JOYFISH at sitkasalmonshare.com for $25 off a 2021 premium share!

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