If you’re like me, it’s hard to find gifts for someone that usually responds with, “I don’t really need anything.” Ugh, drives me crazy! While I know that he may not “need” anything, I still think it’s important to acknowledge what a great dad he is, with something extremely useful, and practical. LOL The below gifts are items that I have purchased or gifted for either my husband or father.

Please see below the linked photos for details on the items.

  1. LL Bean Shirt: This is a great light weight stretch shirt that can be worn anytime. Roger says, “it’s really comfortable, but you still look put together”
  2. Meat Book: This book is awesome! I bought if for Roger quite a few years ago. It has great photography, as well explains how to cut meat properly, and decades old recipes. Love this one!
  3. Heritage DNA Test: A few years back, both my father and Roger were very into Ancestry.com (my dad still is, lol), and wanted to dig in. It was so interesting to see how the results connected to the family history they were learning.
  4. Apple Watch: As someone who spends a lot of time on work calls and texts, this watch has helped immensely in limiting the time his phone is in his hands. Not to mention, the competitive part of him that wants to outdo his daily steps.
  5. Watch Band: Because Roger wears his watch daily, he wanted something that was a little less sporty, a little more finished for work. Extremely good quality and easy to change out.
  6. Meat Thermometer: Pretty self explanatory! But this has been great for the that, ‘don’t flip the meat too much’ when grilling rule.
  7. Smart Alarm Clock: This is a gift that I am giving this year. Roger still has his alarm clock from his bachelor days, and those glowing red numbers are killing the design look I imagine for the bedroom. Ha! This clock has over 13k positive reviews on Amazon, with 4.5 stars.
  8. Khaki Shorts: Similar to the shirt, these shorts are light weight, great stretch, and make you look put-together while feeling comfortable.
  9. Martini Mixer: This is a gift for this year. This barrel aged martini mixer is suppose to be absolutely delicious. Dirty martinis are Roger’s favorite.
  10. Flip Flops: For a few years, I felt like I was buying new flip flops for Roger each summer season. Until these babies came along! They are quality leather, and form to your feet, getting more comfortable each time they are worn.
  11. Math Mug: For the math nerd in your life. LOL
  12. Camp Chair: Super light weight and easy to cart around to t-ball games, camp outs, or the driveway, for all those, “watch me, daddy” kind of moments.
  13. Book of Jokes: For all those in need of some new dad joke material, LOL!
  14. Multi-Tool: This tool is crazy helpful. From cutting boxes for forts, to tightening lose cabinet doors (from a toddlers constant swinging), to opening a beer, this tool is incredibly handy.
  15. Portable Campfire: If you’re like us, and don’t really have the space for a true campfire, this is a brilliant way to take your backyard camp out up a notch. Hello, s’mores!
  16. Grill Brush: I CANNOT SAY ENOUGH GOOD THINGS! This brush is seriously amazing. A few brushes after a grilling session, and your grates are perfecto!
  17. AirPod Case: It’s hard to really find “accessories” for some men, but this simple and stylish case is a fun way to store your AirPods. Great quality.
  18. Yoda Best Dad Mug: If the men in your life loved The Mandalorian as much as mine did, this is such a fun idea.
  19. AirPods: For a while, both my husband and I didn’t really see the need for another phone accessory. But truth be told, we were wrong! From using during workouts, to wrangling a toddler, to prepping meals, these are one of the handiest investments we’ve made.
  20. Baseball Stadium Blueprints: For the baseball lover, this is a high end gift that pays respect to the passion of the sport, as well as appeals to the designer’s eye.
  21. Yeti Mug: I know, another mug! But truly, this mug is amazing in helping prevent that 3-4 times a morning microwave reheat. Oh, and it also holds a considerable amount of coffee.
  22. Bombas Ankle Socks: If you’re going to gift socks, at least make sure they’re a good quality sock! They also have an amazing program, that for each sock purchased, one pair is donated. Brilliant!
  23. Dopp Case: This great case is perfect for the traveler, even the occasional one. Big enough to fit the necessities, but not too big where things are shifting during travel.
  24. Wallet: I feel like there is always some dad, somewhere, in need of a new wallet. Great quality, and love the personalized feel, too.
  25. 3 in 1 Charger: Such a great way to charge all those accessories in one spot. And the design is simple, and so good.

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