Sharing Sunday #1

Posted by Karin on March 1, 2020

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Sharing Sunday: #1

Something Fun

I recently saw this on @Fullmhouse and instantly fell in love with the idea. The Adventure Challenge is an adventure scratch off challenge book, and you don’t know what you will do until you scratch it off! Bonus, there’s a place for you to take a Polaroid photo, and jot down some notes about the experience. There is both a family and couples edition. I bought both as Valentines Day gifts. There is an option to include a camera, but I already have this one, and love it!

Something to Listen To

About a month ago, I listened to Biochacking the Female Body, on the Genius Life Podcast. As I was listening, I connected to so much of what was explained, the concept made so much sense. And it didn’t hurt that it was all backed up by science! The term bio hacking is thrown around so much, but this researcher, Alisa Vitti, is saying that women can “bio hack” based on their monthly cycle. Essentially, your cycle is broken down into four phases, and each one can be maximized if you adjust your exercise, foods, and even scheduling creative, social and intimate events at certain times within your 28 day cycle. As soon as I finished the podcast, I ordered her book, and downloaded the app.

Something Helpful

If you follow me on Instagram, you know that I love all things organization. These little tag clips are such a helpful and cute way to keep things organized. Think: baskets, bins, containers, or even herb planters. I simply use this chalk marker to jot down the contents.

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