The Best (And Easiest) Whole30 Frittata

Posted by Karin on December 5, 2019
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Photo of the best Whole 30 Frittata

This Whole30 frittata recipe is made with fresh veggies and whole food ingredients for an easy recipe that can be made in minutes. Make it ahead of time for an easy breakfast or crowd-pleasing lunch! 

Your New Go-To Breakfast Recipe

Have you guys gotten into making frittatas yet? They’re my latest obsession! Of course, I’ve always loved a hearty egg-filled breakfast such as Smoked Salmon and Scrambled Eggs, Paleo Ricotta and Tomato Baked Eggs, and Rise and Shine Prosciutto Egg Cups. However, lately, frittata recipes have been a lifesaver when it comes to sticking to a Whole30 diet! Even better, this simple, no-fuss dish can save your sanity when you have a bunch of leftover veggies staring back at you, and not much energy to decide what to cook. Not to mention, there’s such a sense of accomplishment when you don’t let anything go to waste! Or, is that just me? 

I’ve discovered that part of what makes this recipe so easy is using the cast iron skillet. Not only does it add tons of flavor to the dish, it also cuts down the cooking time as it’s already hot from the process of crisping the bacon and sautéing vegetables. Made in just one skillet, this frittata recipe also creates way less mess than other breakfasts. For the easiest cooking, I stick to using this skillet. I’ve had it for quite a few years, and have been working diligently to season and create a nonstick surface. I like to joke that this will be part of my children’s inheritance because of how much it means to me! HA!

 Honestly, I could go on about how much I love both this recipe and my skillet for days, but I digress. It’s time to head to the kitchen and get cooking! 

Ingredients for the Best-Ever Whole30 Frittata

When it came to creating this recipe, I was determined to leave no veggie left behind! What resulted was a combination of our weekly leftovers that created a light and delicious breakfast the whole family loved! The best part? The kids didn’t even realize they were eating vegetables. SCORE 1 for Mom! To get started you’ll need the following items. 

  • Eggs – Eggs form the base of this recipe and add delicious fats and high quality protein to keep you satisfied! If you’re following a low fat diet, you can use egg whites instead. Just be aware that the flavor will differ, and cooking times may vary.

  • Zucchini – I used 2 small zucchinis and spiralized them for a fun texture without overcrowding the dish. However, feel free to use as much or as little as you want, and chop, slice, or dice to fit your preferences.

  • Tomatoes – For the best results and a sweeter flavor, I recommend using cherry tomatoes, but any you have on hand will work.

  • Onion – I recommend using either a white or yellow onion to create a delicious sweet caramelized flavor.

  • Almond Milk – To keep this recipe Whole30 compliant, I opted for almond milk, but any milk you prefer will work just as well. For a super rich taste, you could even use cream instead.

  • Bacon – Be sure to double-check the ingredient list to ensure that your bacon is Whole30-approved. Or, omit it altogether if you prefer. 
Photo of the ingredients that go into my Whole 30 Frittatas.
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Cooking Instructions

One of my favorite parts about this Whole30 frittata recipe is how quickly it comes together! In less than 20 minutes you’ll have a super nutritious meal that can last all week! Just follow the steps below. 

Preheat. Set your oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit.

Whisk. In a medium-sized bowl, whisk together the eggs, almond milk, salt, and pepper until smooth, and set it aside. 

Crisp. Heat a cast-iron skillet over medium heat, and crisp the bacon to your desired doneness, making sure to flip both sides before removing it from the skillet with a slotted spoon. Then, place it on paper towels to soak up any extra grease. 

Sautée. Leave roughly 2 tablespoons of bacon fat in the warm skillet, and add in the onions letting them cook for 2-3 minutes or until they begin to caramelize. Then, remove the onions, and add in the tomatoes until they become soft. Next, place the zucchini in with the tomatoes for another minute or so until they become soft as well. Add the onions back to the pan, and evenly distribute the veggies. 

Add the remaining ingredients. Turn the heat off, and pour in the egg mixture making sure it spreads across the vegetables, and top it with bacon crumbles. 

Bake. Place the skillet in the oven for 12-15 minutes. Then, let it sit for 5 minutes before serving, and enjoy! 

Note: Don’t be alarmed if the eggs begin to rise while cooking! They will flatten back down once removed from the oven. 


As mentioned, I used a variety of vegetables we had on hand, but you could use whatever else you like! For instance, mushrooms, Brussels sprouts, and peppers taste amazing as well. Or, add additional flavor with fun ingredients and toppings like shredded cheese, sliced sausage, salsa, avocado, and more! 

Serving Suggestions

This Whole30 frittata recipe is super filling all by itself. However, if you really want to go all out and turn it into a brunch feast try pairing it with healthy sides like fresh fruit, toast, Whole30 Smashed Potatoes, and mimosas if you want! 


If you want to prep this recipe ahead of time, be sure to let it cool completely. Then, store it in an airtight container in the refrigerator for 3-4 days. Or, place it in the freezer for up to  3 months! 

Tips to Reheat

When you’re ready to eat leftovers, you can absolutely serve them chilled. Or, if you prefer your frittata warm, place it back in the oven for a few minutes. 

More Breakfast Recipes

I’m sure I will be making the recipe throughout the year to keep on hand for busy mornings when we need a healthy breakfast fast. However, I’m looking forward to switching up the ingredients as the seasons change. What are some of your favorite frittata add-ins? Let me know in the comments below! 

Of course, if you make this or any of my other recipes, please tag me on Instagram! I’d love to see your creations, connect, and share your page. I hope you love this recipe as much as I do. Stay tuned for new recipes, easy meal plans, decoration tips, and more every week! 

In the meantime, enjoy!


Photo of the best Whole 30 Frittata
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The Best (And Easiest) Whole30 Frittata

Think of a frittata as another tool in your Whole30 toolbox. This simple, no fuss dish can save your sanity when you have a bunch of leftover veggies staring back at you, and not much energy to decide what to cook. Also, there’s such a sense of accomplishment when you don’t let anything go to waste.
Course: Breakfast


  • 10 eggs
  • 2 small zucchinis spiralized
  • 1/4 cup cherry tomatoes
  • 1/4 cup diced onion
  • 1/4 cup Whole30 compliant almond milk
  • 6 slices of Whole30 compliant bacon cut in 1 inch pieces
  • salt + pepper to taste


  • Preheat oven to 350 degrees F.
  • Whisk eggs, almond milk, salt and pepper, set aside
  • In a cast iron skillet, crisp up the bacon, remove with a slotted spoon and place on a paper towel
  • Leave about 2T of bacon fat in the pan, and add in onions, sautéing for 2-3 minutes, remove from pan
  • Add tomatoes, soften slightly (1 min), add zucchini, soften slightly (1 min)
  • Place the onions back in the pan and carefully spread veggies evenly in the pan
  • Turn off heat, and pour in egg mixture
  • Top with bacon
  • Bake for 12-15 minutes The eggs may rise, don’t worry, they will flatten out once removed from the oven
  • Let sit for 5 minutes, then carefully slice

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Photo of the best Whole 30 Frittata
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